Karel Gajdicka is an artist who managed to combine teching art with his own artistic creation, predominantly painting and sculpting.

He started his career in art in the private studio of Mr. Ladislav Lapacek. Karel studied on the Department of Art, Faculty of Pedagogy in Usti nad Labem and Prague. He presented his exhibition of paintings for the first time at Bukov, Usti nad labem, in 1979. He taught Art at high schools from 1977, and  also on the Department of Art at the University of Jan Evangelista Purkyne, Usti nad Labem, from 1987 - 1994. Then he also led a group of amateur artists. He became a member of the Czech Institute of Art in 1992. Karel has been a member of the "SPOLU" (together) fine art group. He has been taking part of numerous exhibitions, plein art paintings and symposiums all over the Czech Republic. His aristic creation is primarily focused on painting and sculpting.

After university Karel managed to move his creation into his very own individual sphere. Every painting of his represents an original view and insight within the framework of its own expression. His work reflects the original symbiosis of formally expressive features with his very own, internalized poetry. His paintings always contain new expressions, some new message. His creations are mostly non-figurative, but not abstractions at all. The paintings might seem abstractive until one comes and starts to appoint  his/her own associations. Abstractions feature no relationship with any visible entity.

Gajdicka´s paintings, however, feature such relationships,albeit in associations. There is no need to give any names to his creations. They let the viewer experience and possibilities to realize his/her own, subjective interpretation.

The artist answers the call of what the sense of art is by activating the viewer´s emotions. It is the interest of the artist for us to perceive his creation and live our own dreams by means of the mediated inspiration.


Peškova 514
403 31 Ústí nad Labem
Czech Republic

+420 605 140 739


Sebuzín 167
403 02 Ústí nad Labem
Czech Republic